Top 10 Tips to Hawaii Visitors

Tip No. 1 — Plan Your Hawaiian Vacation in Advance. One of the best things you might do in your lifetime could this Hawaii vacation. First you need to decide when & where you will go. With six great Hawaii islands that you can visit, how do you choose the best island(s) for you? Some of the best deals and rates can often be found during the summer months, but this doesn’t mean that winter isn’t also a great time to visit the Hawaiian Islands. Since the weather is near perfect all year round, anytime is really a great time to plan a Hawaii vacation. However, airfare and accommodations are higher during Hawaii’s “high season,” which runs from mid-December to mid-April. Scheduling your trip during the “low season,” from April to mid-June and September to mid-December, is one way to reduce costs and avoid big crowds. Compare the costs of different Hawaii travel packages. Prices can vary greatly, its worth spending time researching your options. With a little work, you can save hundreds of dollars on your Hawaii vacation.

Tip No. 2 — Book your accommodations in advance. Booking three months in advance for air travel and accommodations will offer additional choices and economical prices, especially during peak travel periods Last-minute rooms are often available in the islands, however, you can wind up in a world of hurt if you decide to take a chance in high season. And remember this, Hawaii has its there own events that sell out hotels like the Merry Monarch Festival, Iron-man Triathlon, etc. If not planned out, you run a the risk with on the fly arrangements.

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Tip No. 4 — Packing for your Hawaii Vacation. Casual, comfortable clothes are must, so be sure to bring along tank tops, t-shirts, shorts and light skirts. You’ll most likely spend time at the beach, don’t forget to bring a good pair of sunglasses, strong sunscreen, a light hat, Lip balm you will need flip flops. Casual wear for daytime sightseeing. shorts and T-shirts are fine for day time wear. For dinners, you really don’t need to get dressed up for the vast majority of restaurants. Several Hawaii vacation activities just feel more comfortable in long pants– like horseback riding, zip-lining, Helicopter, ATV tours, etc. To save packing space, I generally try to wear these on the plane ride to Hawaii. Bring a map of the island(s) that you will be visiting. Store directions, confirmations, etc on your phone. Camera with lots of memory and long battery life. Its easy to dehydrate in the tropical heat, so figure on carrying water on any hike.

Banner backpack1Tip No. 5 — Prepare for Your Hawaiian Flight. Take much of the stress out of flying by planning carefully. Keep your carry-on packing light, do not bring any produce or agricultural products. If you have kids a good rule of thumb is double check the basics, diapers, extra clothes, toys, snacks, etc. If you’re in for a long flight, be sure to pack your favorite device, or go the old fashioned way and bring a book! Drink plenty of fluids before your flight in order to help the body fight jet lag. The plane’s air conditioning system can get chilly, it’s a good idea to bring a light jacket. Hawaii is a US state, so Visa Requirements apply for foreign visitors of most countries. Periodically check that your flights are proceeding as scheduled.  At least, check the day before your flight. You can either check directly by calling the airline or at the airline’s web site. Verify all your Hawaii bookings.. Charge your devices, check your prescriptions, take out the trash, make arrangements for your mail to be picked up or held by the post office, newspaper on hold. Check for appointments you may have made. Notify your bank and credit card company you will be be in Hawaii.

Tip No. 6 — Explore Hawaii. There’s no place on earth like Hawaii. Whether you’re a new visitor or returning, our six unique islands offer distinct experiences that will tempt any traveler. Wherever you travel around the Hawaiian Islands, magical beaches, wonderful people and ono grinds (good  food) will fill your days. Every island has a unique flavor, before you leave for your trip, make a list of what you want to do and see during your vacation. By having these details worked out beforehand, you wont be scrambling at the last minute, that way you can concentrate on enjoying all of your time in Hawaii. You don’t  want to waste valuable vacation time looking for activities and destinations?

Tip No. 7 — Hit the beaches in Hawaii. Hawaii is world-renowned for its beautiful beaches. Whether it’s white, black, green, red sand beaches, or no sand at all that you’re craving, the islands have every type of beach imaginable. While Hawaii as a state prohibits nude sunbathing, you may find a beach where less is more. From romantic bays and beach parks for the family; to popular shorelines for people watching to surfing beaches that hold some of the largest competitions anywhere on the planet. Discover Hawaii’s world-famous beaches below. If all is going well, your biggest decision today might just be choosing which beach to hit today!

Tip No. 8 — Dining out in Hawaii. Hawaii’s culinary landscape is stunning, world class chefs are all over the islands. Try to budget for some wonderful, unforgettable meals with the ocean at your side. Look for prix-fixe menus at the pricier restaurants, Early-bird specials mean huge savings on your meal, you can usually get some great recommendations from locals, concierge services, or your local travel agent. Search on Yelp.. Try “plate lunch” will pull up huge portions of tasty food at very reasonable prices. Eating affordably in Hawaii is not only possible, it’s very likely if you seek out the spots ahead of time. Avoid the restaurants in your hotel, eat where the locals eat. Lunch trucks have popped up all over in recent years, most of them offer up great food and a fair price. Visit the many great Hawaii food outlet restaurants. If all else fails, you can always stock up on food at traditional retail outlets such as Costco.

 Tip No. 9 — Tipping in Hawaii. Tipping in Hawaii is not only the right thing to do, it is absolutely essential for the livelihood of the local residents who work in the service industry. Some of the people you will encounter depend on tips for their living. I understand how US tipping guidelines are odd to people from countries where tipping is not the custom. Here are some services you may run across. Taxi Driver 15%. Baggage: Whether it be the skycap at the airport, shuttle transportation, or even a bellboy, I tip $1-2 dollars a bag. Valet attendant  $1-2 when the car is returned. Housekeeper $1-2/day (leave on dresser). Concierge anywhere from $3-5 shows your appreciation. Room Service 10-15% (if not included in check). At a Restaurant 15-20% (for parties of 8 or more, be sure to check the bill to see if gratuity is already included). Bartender 10-15%. Tour guide about $5 for each person in your group. You should always only tip what you feel comfortable with.

Tip No. 10 — Embrace the “Aloha Spirit”. What sets these islands apart from the rest of the world? Hawaii was the last state to become part of the United States, but its culture and traditions date back around 1,500 years. It’s a culture that is filled with fascinating customs, music, legends, traditions and values. Every culture seems to have its own set of etiquette rules and Hawaii is no exception. The Aloha Spirit Law is an ACTUAL law “on the books” in Hawai`i, encoded in the Hawai`i Revised Statutes, section 5-7.5 and acknowledges that The Aloha Spirit ” All citizens and government officials of Hawai`i are obligated by law to conduct themselves in accordance with this law, while performing their duties and obligations, as well as in their day-to-day living. Likewise, those visiting our fair islands are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with this Hawaiian law. Respect is crucial when visiting any site that Hawaiian people consider to be sacred, such as a temple or any rock wall decorated with petroglyphs, or carvings created by ancient Hawaiians. Hawaii, like every place on earth, has its own unwritten rules that the local people adhere to, even if they sometimes don’t know why. 

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